Since 1892 The Romagnoli machine-shop
together with the founders of the family
 have been supplying both the local and
the entire peninsula fishing industry(navy).

They began to build different kinds
of equipment suitable for the vessels of the time.
They developed the first hands-on winches
 and afterwards continued with the propulsion
from the main engine by the
 mechanical belt or shaft drive.

As years went by the production of winches
 was updated with the introduction
of new technologies.
At present the hydraulic propulsion
prevails with the possibilities to install
 more than one deck engine and to place
 next to winches more equipment such as
 bow thrusters and dragging
 current generator systems.

Our continuous evolvement makes
our business one of the most qualified
in the field.It is now in the position to satisfy
the requirements of both the fishing
and the average size mercantile marine.

Our firm can supply servicing for board
 plant engineering on both mechanical
 and oil-dynamic transmissions including
bench tested hydraulic engines and pumps.